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Reconstituted Limestone Blocks from Mandurah’s landscaping experts

Reconstituted limestone blocks are made from a combination of natural limestone and a small amount of cement to form Reconstituted limestone blocks.  Reconstituted blocks are stronger, easier to work with and do not age like natural limestone. The manufacturing process is controlled and tested periodically to ensure quality. 

Reconstituted limestone is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in all sorts of commercial and residential building projects. The blocks are sturdy and strong and ideal for creating durable structures.


Our Reconstituted Limestone Block Range

Product Name                 Size                            Edge Finish
Wallstone 240           500 x 350 x 240         Bevelled or Plain edge  
Wallstone 200           500 x 350 x 200         Bevelled or Plain edge  
Wallstone 245           500 x 165 x 245           Bevelled edge 
Wallstone 150            500 x 350 x 150           Plain edge

Carbon 150
                 500 x 350 x 150           Plain edge
Wallstone 100            500 x 300 x 100          Plain edge   
Wallstone 165             350 x 350 x 165            Plain edge   
Ministone                    500 x 250 x 100           Plain edge   

Ministone Carbon    500 x 250 x 100           Plain edge    
Kerbstone                   500 x 160 x 90             Bevelled edge    

Kerbstone Carbon   
500 x 160 x 90             Bevelled edge        

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