How much do I need?

Working out how much product you need can be tricky and some people have no idea where to begin. If you follow our simple steps below you should be able to easily and accurately estimate the amount of product required to complete your job. We also have a handy calculator to help you.


The first and most important thing you need to do, is work out how many square meters you have to be covered or filled. This is done by measuring the length in meters and the width in meters. Once you have these 2 lengths, you then need to multiply them by each other. This will give you your approximate square meter area. So the length x width = square meters. This will be easy if you have a relatively square area but if your area is a bit of a strange shape you may need to do your calculation a couple of times for each section and then add them together at the end.


Once you have your square meters you then need to decide what depth you will need. This depth will vary depending on the job and product you are using. Below is a guide for most of our products. Once you have your desired depth you then multiply this by the square meters for example 

24 square meters x 0.05 meters (50mm) will give you 1.2 cubic meters.


So to conclude your equation will be width x length x depth. 


Minimum 50mm

Optimal 100mm

Road Base

Driveways & verges 100mm

Pathways 50mm

Decorative Stones

Minimum 30mm

Recommended 50mm

Compost & Manures

Minimum 50mm

Optimal 100mm

Soil Conditioner

Minimum 50mm

Optimal 100mm

Special Lawn Mix

Planting 50mm

Top Dressing 10mm

Conversion of 6x4 trailer load

to cubic metres

1 Scoop


1/2 Trailer Load


0.350 Cubic Meters

3 Scoops


1.5 Trailer Loads


1 Cubic Meter

2 Scoops


1 Trailer Load


0.7 Cubic Metres

6 Scoops


3 Trailer Loads


2 Cubic Meters

Pebble Estimator

Below is the estimated number of kilos of pebbles  you will need to cover a

1 square meter area


Single Layer 30kg

Double Layer 50kg


Single Layer 40kg

Double Layer 75kg


Single Layer 35kg

Double Layer 60kg


Single Layer 45kg

Double Layer 83kg