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Quality soils from Mandurah’s

landscaping experts

At Hamiltons Landscape Supplies - Soils Aint Soils Mandurah, we sell a range of quality soils, with something to suit all types of projects. Whether you need nutrient-rich soil for your lawn or a potting mix for plants, we have a great range on offer, and all at affordable prices. Our friendly team can provide advice on the different soil types, and we’ll always make sure you leave with the right materials for the job at hand.

Our Soil Range

Landscape Mix

A blend of topsoil, peat, sawdust and fertilisers, our Landscape Mix soil is as close to an all-round soil as possible. This mix is suitable for planting lawns, garden beds, rockeries, fruit trees, and so much more. Used extensively by the landscape trade for its versatility.

Landscape 1_edited.jpg

Potting Mix

Pick up our Potting Mix to feed flowers and grow shrubs. This mix is made of composted screened pine bark, NPK fertilisers, trace elements, and wetting agent. The pH is specifically adjusted to between 5.4 and 6.5. Composted pine bark was chosen for this mix because of its ability to decrease the risk of disease, and its excellent drainage characteristics.


Premium Garden Mix

Blended on site to your specifications

Whether you want to rejuvenate an existing garden, or would like to create a new garden, our Premium Garden Mix soil is the perfect choice. This soil is a combination of our Landscape Mix, soil conditioner, and mushroom compost.


If you are specifically looking to rejuvenate or build a new veggie garden then we can also add in either sheep or cow manure to the Premium Garden Mix to create the perfect conditions to get your veggies thriving.

Soil Conditioner - New .jpg

Special Lawn Mix

Our quality Lawn Mix – a blend of lawn sand, fertilisers, sawdust and Spearwood red loam – is ideal as a top dressing for existing lawn areas, or if you want to plant a new lawn. Designed to produce thick green growth with a strong root structure, this soil is a fantastic choice for creating healthy lawns. If using as a top dressing, then it’s also easy to spread, as the fertiliser is already added.


Our Lawn Mix soil is more effective than yellow sand as it contains Chicken Manure, has a high nitrogen level, and the sawdust within keeps the blend open and prevents compaction. The Spearwood red loam also aids moisture retention.

Lawn Mix_edited.jpg

Budget Mix

This soil is made up of yard scrapings and is a cost-effective option for gardeners, landscapers or anyone else to use as a filler for holes. This is also an excellent option for if you have very deep garden beds or pots  you want to fill. Once you have filled to your required level with budget mix you can then top with our premium garden mix or one of our  other premium soils.


Please note we do not recommend this product be used as a soil to plant directly into on its own. 


Call Hamilton’s Landscape Supplies - Soils Aint Soils Mandurah today on (08) 9581 3833 for more details about our quality soils in Mandurah.

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