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Bagged products for your landscaping projects 

At Hamiltons Landscape Supplies, Soils Aint Soils, we supply our landscaping materials as bagged products. This means you can buy whatever you need for your project in bulk, with competitive prices guaranteed. Whether you’re looking for stone products, sand, or manure, you can pick up everything you require without any fuss.


We provide everything from 30lt soil conditioner bags to bagged white sand, lawn mix, and all sorts of stone products. These are great if you have a big job to do. Alternatively, if you want to keep some spare materials at your property, then you can easily use them to make any further alterations in the future without having to make another trip to purchase new materials.


Our Pre-Bagged Soil Products

Soil Con_edited_edited.jpg

Soil Conditioner

Cow Manure_edited.jpg

Cow Manure


Potting Mix


Sheep Manure

Our Pre-Bagged Sand Products

White Sand_edited.jpg

White Sand


Brickies Sand

Lawn Mix_edited.jpg

Special Lawn Mix

Our Pre-Bagged Stone Products


White Pebbles

Summer Stone.JPG


Limestone 2-10_edited.jpg

2-10 Limestone


Black Pebbles

Pea Gravel_edited.jpg

Pea gravel



Moora Rainbow Stone_edited.jpg

Rainbow Stone

Blue metal_edited.jpg


Our Pre-Bagged Mulch Products

Marri Woodchip_edited.jpg

Marri Woodchip

Pine Bark.JPG

Pine bark

Red Woodchip_edited.jpg

Red Woodchip

Budget Black 2.JPG

Black Mulch


Black Woodchip

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