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Firewood from Mandurah’s quality supplier

If you’re looking for quality firewood in Mandurah, then Hamiltons Landscape Supplies has just what you need. Our firewood is available in bulk and in bag form, so you can stock up on one visit or as required.


As we supply our firewood in a range of batch sizes, you can pick up as much as you need at any given time. This means that if you have a series of barbecues planned over the summer, or want to stockpile for the winter, you can get the quantities you need without having to make multiple journeys.


Our wood is all locally sourced and of the highest quality, so you can trust that it will burn well. It’s also affordably priced, and we can provide free quotes for all of our products upon request. Whether you’re planning a barbecue for friends and family, or simply want good wood for burning in your fireplace indoors, Hamiltons Landscape Supplies is the perfect place to go.


For firewood and much more in Mandurah, just visit our team at Hamiltons Landscape Supplies, Soils Aint Soils and you won’t be disappointed.

Firewood Prices 2024

all prices are inclusive of GST and subject to change without notification

Split Firewood

Fire Briqs Bag$25 

Hamilton's Chopped Wood Bags - $25 

1 scoop - $100

2 Scoops (6x4 trailer) -  $195

3 Scoops (1m3) - $ 290


Firewood is now in stock

please call us to check

availability to avoid



Quick Fire Fire Lighters

Fire starters perfect for wood fires, barbecues, wood stoves and camping.


 Pack 25 - $7.50


Key Features

  • Product is Odourless

  • Longer burn 8 -10 minutes

  • Larger flame up to 30cm

  • Leaves no smell on hands or food. 

  • Not dangerous like the gel/ liquid product ( banned in Europe) because of accidents with children drinking it and getting burned

  • Unlimited shelf life , will stay at full power until you light it ( other product once opened they will be less efficient , and you will have the smell in the house )

  • Will burn even if it gets wet.


Jarrah Briqs

This product turns waste wood, destined for land fill into high quality, carbon neutral, longer lasting firewood. Jarrah Briqs are easy to light and burn longer than regular hard wood.


 9kg* Bag - $15.00 or 2 For $25.00

*Estimated weight


Key Features

  • 100% Australian Made

  • 100% Compressed (No Glue)

  • Longer burn due to high density

  • Easy To Use

  • Value for Money - Low Moisture content (8-12%) means higher energy value per kg. 

Jarrah Briqs.png
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