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Stylish water features in Mandurah

Water features are a great way to enhance your outside space, and we have a fantastic range of pots, water falls and urns available for all price ranges. Whether you have a large garden or a smaller space, water features can add a sense of calm and peacefulness, as well as making the most of the space you have.


If you decide to install water features in your garden, then you can look forward to a relaxing outdoor ambience when you’re with family and friends, or having some private ‘me time’. 


From picking tall stone water features for the lawn to choosing smaller products for decking areas, you can really make a statement with our range of water features.


Irrespective of the type of water feature you choose for your garden, you should always use a pump to circulate the water. Circulating water helps deter mosquitoes, wasps and other insects that prefer still water and stops the water from going stagnant. 


You should also plan accordingly and ensure the pumps, filters, and cleaners you use are appropriate if you plan to add fish or plants. We have a variety of pumps and accessories available and can help you to select the right combination for your needs.

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