Max Load Delivery Information

Below is the maximum amount of each product we can carry in our 9 tonne tipper truck in a single load. If you require more than the below amount you will be charged a delivery fee for each load. We can also arrange delivery of semi loads of our bulk products on request.

Please contact us on (08) 9581 3833 for more information.

Road Base - Limestone

Road Base - Red Gravel

Road Base - Blue Metal

Cracked Pea Gravel

5 Cubic Meters

Blue Metal - 14mm

Blue Metal Dust
Red Crushed Brick
Red Brick Dust

Landscape Mix
Lawn Mix
Yard Scrapings
Moora Rainbow Stone
Paving Sand

6 Cubic Meters

Brickies Sand


Plasterers Sand

Limestone 2-10

White Washed Sand

Crushed Quartz

Premium Garden Mix

7 Cubic Meters

Jungle Mulch

Karri & Peat Mulch

Marri Woodchip

Pine Bark

Red Woodchip 

Black Woodchip 

8 Cubic Meters

Soil Conditioner
Potting Mix
Sheep Manure
Cow Manure
Mushroom Compost
Black Mulch