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Max Load Delivery Information

Below is the maximum amount of each product we can carry in our 9 tonne tipper truck in a single load. If you require more than the below amount you will be charged a delivery fee for each load. We can also arrange delivery of semi loads of our bulk products on request.

Please contact us on (08) 9581 3833 for more information.

5 Cubic Meters

Road Base - Red Gravel

Road Base - Blue Metal

Blue Metal Dust
Red Brick Dust

Blue Metal - 20mm

Road Base - Limestone

Yard Scrapings

Paving Sand

Brickies Sand

Plasterers Sand

White Washed Sand

Pea Gravel - Cracked

Red Crushed Brick

Special Lawn Mix

Moora Rainbow Stone


Basalt - 20mm

6 Cubic Meters

Premium Garden Mix

Limestone 2-10

7 Cubic Meters

Potting Mix

Cow Manure

Landscape Mix

8 Cubic Meters

Soil Conditioner
Sheep Manure
Mushroom Compost

Karri & Peat Mulch

Pine Bark

Black Mulch

Brown Woodchip

Red Woodchip

Black Woodchip

9 Cubic Meters

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