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Quality compost, manures and conditioners from Mandurah’s landscaping experts

Hamiltons Landscape Supplies - Soils Aint Soils Mandurah is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for composts, conditioners or manures for your garden. We supply only the best quality landscaping materials, so our customers can always expect great results when they use our products.


We offer free quotes for all enquiries about our composts and manures, so feel free to chat to our team for more information, or for advice on what type of products to choose.


At Hamiltons Landscape Supplies - Soils Aint Soils Mandurah , you’ll find everything from genuine mushroom compost to soil conditioners and sheep and cow manure, with affordable prices guaranteed.

Our Range

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a popular soil conditioner and soft mulch for garden beds, particularly for vegetable, fruit, and herb growing in Western Australia. Mushroom compost is a medium maturity product suitable for supplying a balance of slow release nutrients and improving soil health.


Our mushroom compost is a quality mixture of straw, poultry manure, gypsum, peat, and limestone, and is an excellent dual-purpose compost and mulch. It can be incorporated into the soil or used as a mulch to suppress weeds, conserve moisture, and feed the soil.



  • One product to protect the soil and feed plant growth

  • Significantly improves soil water infiltration and storage

  • Creates soil conditions that support vigorous root growth

  • Feeds beneficial soil biology that drives growth and combats disease

  • Improves nutrient availability 

  • Significantly reduces fertiliser use

  • Protects soil from wind and water erosion 



Mushroom compost can be incorporated into the topsoil to build structure and feed plant growth, or top dressed as a weed suppressant, soil feeder, and protective mulch. Hamiltons Landscape Supplies, Soils Aint Soils takes every care in the production of our range of mulches, but we do not and cannot guarantee that they are weed-free as they are produced and stored in outside environments.


Soil Conditioner

Our soil conditioner products are designed to give soils a boost, so if you need to revive your outside space, then these are perfect. 


Our soil conditioner is an outstanding product that can be incorporated into sandy soil to establish sustainable gardens and turf or used at higher rates for exotic plants and vegetable gardens. For new garden beds, turf, and general landscaping, spread a 10-20mm thick layer of soil conditioner across the soil surface and mix to a depth of    50-100mm, then water thoroughly before planting.


For individual plants, shrubs, and trees, mix two parts soil conditioner with 10 parts original soil and use as a planting mix around the root zone. As a potting mix ingredient, blend soil conditioner at up to 25% of soil mix to improve fertility and water holding capacity.

**Please note this product must me mixed into your existing soil. It is not designed to be used as a standalone product to plant in or a mulch as it will compact over time**

If you have any queries regarding this or any of our other products please contact our office on (08) 9581 3833

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Sheep Manure

Sheep manure, like other animal manures, is a natural slow-release fertiliser that helps retain moisture and nutrients as it gradually breaks down.


It is high in phosphorus and potassium – essential elements for optimal plant growth. These nutrients help plants establish strong roots, defend against pests, and grow into vibrant and productive plants. Using sheep manure as fertiliser is safe and effective for all gardens and landscape plants. It can also be used as organic mulch. Mulch roses with sheep manure, as they love it.


Cow Manure

Cow manure is a great general-purpose soil conditioner, and when it’s well-rotted it’s particularly good for phosphorous-sensitive native plants. Composted cow manure fertiliser makes an excellent growing medium for garden plants. When turned into compost and fed to plants and vegetables, cow manure becomes a nutrient-rich fertiliser.


Whatever your preference, the Hamiltons Landscape Supplies - Soils Aint Soils Mandurah team can explain the benefits of all of our composts, conditioners, and manures, so that you can make an informed choice.

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