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Whether you’re completing a landscaping project for a client or want to improve the look of your private garden, stone products can enhance outside spaces in multiple ways. From creating striking garden paths and driveways to covering walkways, stone is an incredibly versatile material available in many different varieties.

At Hamiltons Landscape Supplies, Soils Aint Soils, our affordable stone products are of the highest quality, and we have a vast selection of shades to choose from. We can offer guidance and advice on what type of stone to purchase for your specific project and will provide free quotes for all enquiries.

Our stone products include:

  • Moora rainbow stone
  • Summerstone
  • Pea gravel – split
  • Red crushed brick
  • Red brick dust
  • Limestone 2-10
  • Road base – limestone
  • Road base – red gravel
  • Road base – blue metal
  • Blue metal dust – cracker dust
  • Blue metal
gravel road base construction

Moora rainbow stone

One of our most popular stones, rainbow stone is a light, multi-coloured quartz gravel that has many uses in today’s landscapes. Available in bulk, rainbow stone is used as a decorative mulch, in pathways and exposed aggregate applications. 


Summerstone a whiter coloured quartz than rainbow stone.

Pea gravel – cracked

Available in bulk, cracked pea gravel is a crushed, angular alternative to the round pea gravel. Cracked pea is a popular product as it tends to pack down compared to the round pea gravel that can prove a little slippery underfoot. This is a great product for budget-conscious customers who want a natural, warm feel to their path or mulched garden area. 

Red crushed brick

Red crushed brick is the dominant material for this product; other materials may include terracotta roofing tile, ceramic tile, wall plaster, mortar and similar brick colours. The best application for this product ranges between ground cover for courtyard settings, garden landscaping, and placement around plants, rockeries and pathways with stepping stones.

Limestone 2-10

Limestone fragments are ideal for informal pathways and driveways as well as for use with stepping stones for those out of the way areas.

Road base – limestone

Limestone road base (or crushed limestone) is commonly used as a road base under paths and driveways, in poured limestone concrete, and loose as an informal path. 

Road base – red gravel

Offering a truly Australian feel, this rich, burnt orange gravel is popular in native gardens as a natural, informal path as well as in driveways to achieve the country homestead look.

Road base – blue metal

Blue metal road base is a combination of various sized pieces of blue metal and blue metal dust. As the name suggests, this mix binds together really well when compacted to make a terrific road base underneath paving or as a pathway. It is also ideal for small footings and post holes.

Blue metal dust

Also called crusher dust, blue metal dust, or decomposed granite, this is created by finely crushing blue metal. It is commonly used as a base for artificial lawns and screeds, and also can be used in pathways and driveways. Blue metal dust also compacts down well. 

Blue metal - 14mll

Generally used as the aggregate component in concrete for footings, pads, and driveways. This product may be used at the bottom of pots or planters to assist with drainage, as a decorative mulch, an informal path, or even to assist with drainage in soak wells.
From limestone and blue metal road base materials to Moora rainbow stone and split pea gravel, we supply a great variety of stone products suitable for domestic and commercial use. Choose from coloured stone or natural stone to achieve the look you want for your home or business, and just ask our experts for help or advice.
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